Month: April 2013

Off Line and LEDs

It might be because I just saw Jurassic Park in 3D, but arriving at the boat the other day reminded me of this quote by Ray Arnold, played by Sam Jackson: “Item 151 on today’s glitch list. We’ve got all the problems of and major theme park and a major zoo and the computers are not even on they’re feet…

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To Make The Jump Or Not

I went to plug into my shore power box at the marina and it looks like they only have a single 50a connection. Probably because I’m on the 50 and 60ft docks with the massive motor yachts with names like “Size does matter” and “double d”. They didn’t plan for a lowly sailboat that only needs a single 30 amp…

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24 Hours to Launch

Tomorrow! Finally the launch day is near. The boats blocking the driveway to Satori have been moved out of the way and I confirmed with Brian yesterday. I Installed my last bolt in the cutlass support and installed new Gore-Tex GFO packing in the stuffing box. They claim this stuff does not leak. We’ll see. I pulled the shaft out…

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