Month: May 2013

Solomons Cruise

We left the marina around 6:15 Saturday morning, winds predicted around 25kt sustained, gusting to 35kt and a small craft warning to boot. Sounds like great weather for the first long distance trip in a new boat… We turned out into the Patapsco river with no other boats in sight. I decided to just hoist the stay sail at first…

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The Checklist

Memorial Day weekend will be the first cruise for Satori. The planned route from Baltimore – Solomons Island looks to be around 77NM or 88 Statute Miles. I’ll have the receding tide going down the Patapsco river and catch the rising tide on the way up the Pax river to Solomons. so 77mn/6kts = 12.8 hours. This is assuming we…

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I have this habit of getting involved with too many projects. Work on Satori has temporarily stopped as I (a) have no more money to spend on it and (b) need to focus on other projects so I can have a place to live when my temporary situation runs out. I have however found a couple really interesting and well…

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