Month: February 2016

Satori in santiago Cuba

Ahoy Cuba!

We left Ragged Island the morning of the 17th. Wind out of the north was expected to fill in and then build to about 23 knots by Friday. My plan was to ride the northernly across the Columbus Bank and then scoot around the eastern tip of Cuba before the wind got up to the mid-twenties. This was mostly successful…

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The Ragged Islands: Bahamas Found

Since leaving George Town we’ve been heading down some lesser known Bahamian islands that run Southeast towards Cuba. I’ve been searching for these islands, where there are only a handful of cruising boats and the water still teems with fish and lobster. Well I’m happy to report the Jumento and Ragged Islands offer all of the above and more. While…

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Escaping Chicken Harbor

Satori and her crew have called George Town, Exuma their home for the last 3 weeks. The area has many names, Elizabeth Harbor, Georgetown, Stocking Island, Chicken Harbor, and by using any of them people generally know what you’re talking about. The last name, “Chicken Harbor” amuses me. It’s called this because George Town is the traditional final southern port…

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