On the other side: Thoughts on not sailing south.


This fall could not be anymore juxtaposed to the previous one. Outwardly nothing seems to differ – it’s getting cold, the days are growing short, there are Christmas decorations for sale in mid October.However this year we’re winding down our nautical endeavors rather than spinning them up. We landed a job with World Cruising Club running the 2016 ARC Bahamas Rally. It’s a budding fleet of 7 boats that are heading towards Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the crews and helping them prepare for what they will find once they arrive down island. It’s been a week of preparing presentations, easing anxieties and fears, and making sure all the boats were prepared and safe when they shoved off Saturday morning. The Caribbean 1500 and the ARC Bahamas Rally, comprising 42 boats overall, departed a day early this year in an attempt to get out ahead of a forecasted Northeast wind. I’ve talked to one boat so far and they’ve reported good, fast sailing.


As I watched the boats depart Saturday, it wasn’t with out a tinge of jealously and regret. We won’t be sailing south this winter. Our home for the short term is Baltimore and instead of battling bugs and sunburn I’ll be waging war on the cold, ice, and snow. Our boat is still ready to roll at a moments notice. It’s reassuring to know that we have a proven ocean going vessel laying in wait back in Baltimore. As I type this we’re winging our way toward the Bahamas to run the arrival events. Boats should start to arrive sometime tomorrow and we’ll help them get settled and have a good time when they arrive.

rachel at Bahamas ARC rally

Just because we’re not going south doesn’t mean we’re not beginning to plan our next cruise. Instead of escaping the cold I think we’ll escape the summer heat and head up the northeast to the great state of Maine. Perhaps even further towards Canada?


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